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凡購買狗狗產品滿$350隨機贈送一包 Buddy JACK'S - 天然香軟狗小食(價值$29)

Purchase of dog items over $350 will get a 56g Buddy JACK'S - Natural Dog Treats

凡購買狗狗產品滿$350隨機贈送一包 Buddy JACK'S - 天然香軟狗小食(價值$29)

Purchase of dog items over $350 will get a 56g Buddy JACK'S - Natural Dog Treats

凡購買狗狗產品滿$350隨機贈送一包 Buddy JACK'S - 天然香軟狗小食(價值$29)

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Philosophy: Dogs Need Meat!

PLATINUM - Dogs need meat

Dogs need meat!

Naturally wild: why a dog needs meat

Whether you have a Jack Russell Terrier or a Golden Retriever: all dogs are the same when they are standing in front of their food bowl. Even if their “prey” is served to them in little pieces nowadays – their instinct is still the same. Dogs are descended from wolves and there is still a wolf inside them.

Dogs know exactly what they want: it has to be meat, as natural and fresh as possible. Just as in the past, when their ancestors still roamed the forests in search of prey.

The dog's digestive tract is designed for the nutrition of a carnivore. Generally, the retention time of the food in the gastrointestinal tract depends on the breakdown and the absorption of the nutrients. Therefore hardly digestible food requires a longer digestive system.

This means that you can observe different ratios between the length of the digestive canal to the length of the body in different species. This ratio allows conclusions to be drawn regarding eating habits. The easiest food that the body can utilise is meat. For example, it is significantly more difficult and takes a lot longer for dogs to make use of pure plant-based foods such as grains. The essential predigestion of plant-based ingredients, as it is found in the stomach of prey, is ensured by heating up the ingredients for dog food.

  • With PLATINUM dogs get what the wolf inside them wants: high-quality proteins made of at least 70% fresh meat.
  • PLATINUM is therefore suitable for dogs of any age and breed.





Alimentery canal of the dog

Alimentery canal of the dog

Length of the alimentary canal in relation to the body

Length of the alimentary canal in relation to the body


Giving dogs a healthy diet

Nature as a model: what is important for a dog's diet

When a wolf hunts down its prey, it provides it with everything it needs for a diet suitable for the species: meat plus the plants and minerals that are in the stomach of the prey. Nothing more. The food is composed in such a way that it breaks down quickly in the stomach and can be digested very easily.

The composition of natural nutrition in animal and vegetable ingredients

composition of natural nutrition


Quality of raw materials and preparation are key

Nowadays the “prey” of a dog is served ready prepared in its bowl. At the same time, there is a wide range of so-called “complete foods”. The German Animal Feed Regulation determines their composition. It does not, however, say anything either about the quality of the ingredients or the way in which the food is prepared. That's why you should pay particular attention to these details.


Ingredients for a natural, healthy diet

Valuable proteins from fresh meat, carbohydrates that are easy to digest, vitamins and minerals are the basis for a healthy diet for dogs. That's what the PLATINUM recipe stands for.

The PLATINUM promise

By contrast to most other complete foods, PLATINUM does not contain the following...

  • attractants and flavorings
  • dyes and fragrances
  • flavour enhancers
  • genetically modified ingredients

Many dogs cannot cope with these undesirable food components. The consequence can be health problems that are rarely traced back to the food:

  • allergies, inexplicable itching of the coat
  • dull, lacklustre coat
  • wind, diarrhoea or constipation


PLATINUM dry dog food instead of ordinary dry food

Learn more about
PLATINUM dry dog food

Setting the standards
for dog food.

more about PLATINUM dry dog food

PLATINUM wet dog food instead of ordinary wet food

Learn more about
PLATINUM wet dog food

Worldwide the first wet dog food
without any added water.

more about PLATINUM wet dog food